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Deadheading blooms after they fade will increase blooming the following year.

This variety is very fragrant and its dark-green foliage turns deep red in the cool fall months. Heavy pruning of Miss Kim lilacs is not required; however, light pruning will improve the appearance of this bush. Advertisement. Jun 17, 'Miss Kim' lilacs require less pruning than the common lilac, Syringa vulgaris. But you might choose to prune it to shape the plant, to maintain a certain height, or to encourage reblooming. Prune right after the blooming period because 'Miss Kim' blooms on old wood.

If you prune too late in the season, you will remove next year's blooms; pruning that is too severe might even reduce Botanical Name: Syringa pubescens subsp.

patula 'Miss Kim'. Meet the Miss Kim Lilac bush (Syringa pubescens subsp. patula Miss Kim'). The overall size of the plant stay smaller, remains denser and more rounded, and grows a bit slower than Common Lilacs. Also known as the Manchurian Lilac, this is an elegant shrub with a really nice natural shape. And don't worry/5(4). Fertilize your Miss Kim in the early spring, before blooming, with a well-balanced blend.

A formula or all-purpose shrub fertilizer should do the trick. Spread your fertilizer evenly around the root zone of your Miss Kim Lilac and follow the label instructions. This fertilizing process should be sufficient to feed the soil, and you'll.

You will love the creative possibilities afforded by this desirable shrub.

Feb 18, The blooms come later in the season, beautiful dark lavender to purple and as fragrant and fragrant can be. Miss Kim Lilac is hardy in zones 4 through 8, loves full sun but does just as well in partial shade. Unlike other Lilacs Miss Kim is very resistant to the dreaded powdery mildew that affects the french hybrid lilacs.

Miss Kim Lilac Flower. Jun 03, Miss Kim Lilac is Not Blooming. Resembling a bouquet of purple to white flowers, the Miss Kim lilac (Syringa patula"Miss Kim") produces flowers consistently on.

The Miss Kim Lilac is one of the most beautiful and fragrant of all lilac bushes. It is thought by many to be the number one lilac in the Midwestern United States. 'Miss Kim' is one of the most widely grown because of its compact and upright-rounded form.

It grows to about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. When to Fertilize a Miss Kim Lilac."Miss Kim" (Syringa pubescens subsp. patula"Miss Kim") is a Korean lilac known for its spicy fragrance, small leaves and compact size.

Like all lilacs, it. Oct 24, I have two 2-year-old Miss Kim lilac bushes which have done fine until about a month ago.

Spray with Bordeaux lime-sulfur after leaf fall and again in the early spring.

Since then, the leaves have developed brown edges and are slightly folding closed. I cannot tell the cause and have sprayed twice -- once with Safer fungicide and once with Safer insecticide, but there has been no change.