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Jun 27, If your Dogwood shrub has become overgrown and unsightly, or just looks burnt out, in late winter you can cut back the entire shrub to about 10 inches above the ground.

If you notice damaged stems that might have been broken from kids playing or something hitting the shrub you should cut them back to healthy wood as soon as you notice the damage.

This will help the dogwood shrub heal over faster and discourage disease. Diseased Stems or Canes. There are a few diseases that can attack the dogwood shrubhauling.buzzted Reading Time: 6 mins. Nov 25, How to Cut Dogwood Branches.

Dogwoods, woody shrubs and trees belonging to the Cornus genus, enhance your yard's beauty with delicate. Nov 23, Cut the branches with sharp pruning shears, loppers or a saw at the base near the ground above the first leaf node. Prune red dogwood bushes in late fall after the leaves have dropped.

Sep 26, You can either cut back the old stems on these dogwoods or cut them down completely. For shrubby dogwoods, you can actually cut the dogwood down to the ground every few years to remove old stems and encourage the growth of new twigs.

5. Thin out crowded areas. If a particular %(9). Apr 26, Propagating Dogwood Cuttings. Knowing when to take cuttings of dogwood stems can mean the difference between successful propagation and failure. The best time to cut is in the spring, as soon as the tree completes its bloom cycle. You know the stem is ready to cut if.

Jun 26, Before pruning a dogwood tree, you should be aware that removing large branches can damage the trunk if the heavy branch breaks away and tears down the trunk as you begin to cut. Therefore, you should remove branches larger than two inches (5 cm.) in diameter by making three cuts to prevent tearing.

Make the first cut on the underside of the.