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It should simply crumble.

Aug 29, To pinch them back, grab a stem between your thumb and index finger about 2 to 3 inches above the base of the plant, and just above a leaf, and simply pinch it off. If you're like me, and keep your fingernails clipped short, you can use a pair of sharp pruners or snips to cut the stems. While chrysanthemums are considered perennials, I usually treat them as annuals, buying new plants each season.

If you want to plant, go ahead and do so, watering and mulching after planting. They should survive the winter, and begin to grow again in the spring. Then frequent pruning to keep them from getting leggy is advised until mid-July. Nov 24, There are two options for pruning.

After they finish blooming, cut back the stems to about 8 inches tall.

Once the ground is frozen in the winter, watering can be suspended until spring warms the soil.

Or wait until spring and cut back the dead stems and foliage when new growth starts to Author: Sue Kittek. When new shoots reach 3 to 4 inches tall, pinch off the top leaving 2 to 3 leaves on the shoot. This will create a bushier plant. Continue pinching once a month until mid-July when flower buds develop. Stop fertilizing when flower buds emerge.

Can Chrysanthemums Be Divided?

Add 4 to 6 inches of. Aug 31, The leaves of the plant will die back and become brown after a few hard frosts have hit your area. After the foliage of the plant has died back, you will need to cut it back. Cut back the stems of the mums to 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm.) above the ground. Leaving a little bit of the stems will ensure that next year you have a full plant, as the. However, for stronger healthier plants, it is recommended that fresh stock is propagated each spring from basal cuttings of last year’s stock.

Cuttings. In spring as crowns come into growth, take cm (in) cuttings, cutting as close as possible to the crown. Rooting and.