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In other places, the pH of the soil should be kept above.

Sep 09, Water, or its lack, is probably the largest cause of stress for your fig tree. Yellow leaves can be the result of either too much or too little water. We gardeners need to remember where our fig trees originated.

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The land around the Mediterranean is warm and dry. Fig tree roots grow close to the surface to absorb every drop of rain that shrubhauling.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Jul 29, This spring I purchase a 5 foot potted Brown turkey fig tree from Home depot. It is in pot and soil it came with seemed to be doing good has new growth and baby figs. The leaves started turning yellow at first I wasn't worried but as more and more leaves are turning brown I worry. I did give a dose of miracle grow a few days shrubhauling.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Insect infestations are a common cause of yellowing leaves on most fig tree varieties.

According to the UMN, insects such as scale, mealy bug and spider mites are the most common to infest the fig tree. Why Green Leaves on My Garden Fig Tree Are Falling Off. Few trees can top the garden fig tree (Ficus carica) for sweet, edible fruit on an especially attractive, broadly spreading tree. The fig. Sep 19, There also can be raised brown spots or lesions on the underside of the leaves. Over time, these leaves will turn completely yellow, followed by becoming brown and curled, and then falling off of.

Mar 12, This fig was wrapped in late fall with a light green tarp while the tree is surrounded by salt hay and leaves for insulation. Note the way the tarp is tied so it won’t blow off.